Our Mission

To provide the highest quality product, service and support to our customers.

Since 1970, Taylor Freezer of New England has provided world-class equipment backed by the industry’s best factory trained technical team, fourteen fully stocked service vans and an extensive stock of parts and supplies. Our customer base spans from the world’s largest corporations to the fully independent operator all looking to Taylor Freezer of New England as their supplier for equipment and field service.

Taylor Freezer of New England is the exclusive Taylor, Flavor Burst, Bravo and Broaster Distributor in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

About Us

We are also the importer for the eastern United States for Lölsberg spray rinsing devices. We offer Taylor Freezer ice cream batch freezers, soft serve machines, frozen yogurt machines, frozen beverage machines and specialty cooking equipment, as well as, Broaster equipment, Flavor Burst and Bravo.

On display in our showroom and in our test kitchen are the latest profit making products for you to try first hand. We will be happy to demonstrate a variety of solutions, and share our experience with you. Call us at 1-800-245-4002.

Our History


In 2000, Taylor Freezer of New England moved into a modern 23,000 sq. ft. facility located at 1030 University Avenue in Norwood, MA.

We have a large conference room right next to our demonstration kitchen. This allows everyone to sit comfortably and take notes while doors open and equipment is brought to the conference room to demonstrate operation, food preparation and cleaning. A short walk out of the conference room takes you to our working grills and fully stocked “Frosty’s” ice cream shoppe.

The reason for incorporating this facility in our headquarters is simple. Taylor Freezer of New England provides you with the best tools in the industry enabling you to serve customers trendsetting foods, quality and delicious foods, that yield the best return on your investment.

  • Mr. Peeper’s Ice Cream
    Taylor provides a wide variety of equipment options. The Taylor model 8756 also is used for making our specialty ice cream cakes in addition to our signature cones and ice cream sandwiches. We’ve only had the Flavor Burst system in the store for 2 ½ months but the response has been great.
    Mr. Peeper’s Ice Cream
    Swansea, MA
  •  Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream
    For the last 30 years in making gourmet and soft serve ice cream Taylor Freezer of New England has supplied all our equipment. Their expertise and training has been instrumental in our success. From the owners, salesmen, to the repair people they have become part of our extended family.
    Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream
    Hyde Park, MA
  • Cherry Farm Creamery
    As the 2010 ice cream season comes to an end, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much of a pleasure it is to deal with you and your team at Taylor Freezer of New England. We have used Taylor Freezer products since we first opened in 1976.
    Cherry Farm Creamery
    Danvers, MA
  • Bedford Farms Ice Cream
    Taylor of New England, just a great company to do business with. Bedford Farms Ice Cream has been a client of Taylor NE for 25 years. Over the years, we have purchased and used three 8756’s, a single head soft serve machine exclusively for our Flavor Burst set up.
    Bedford Farms Ice Cream
    Bedford, MA
  •  West End Creamery & Family Farm
    The reliable equipment, knowledgable sales team and quick service, Taylor Freezer of New England has provided over the year has been and an important component in the success of West End Creamery & Family Farm. The recommendations Bob Gallagher (sales) gave us 15 years ago when our ice cream shop was just a thought.
    West End Creamery & Family Farm
    Whitinsville, MA
  • Truly Yogurt
    I bought Truly Yogurt in 1992. The sales have grown over the years and now Truly Yogurt has a cult following from Wellesley and the surrounding towns. The store space is small so to utilize the space most effectively there is room for only two big machines. That is why I bought the Flavor Burst machine.
    Truly Yogurt
    Wellesey, MA
  • Menemsha Galley
    Near the end of 1988 we negotiated to purchase a 50 year old seasonal ice cream and food business on Martha’s Vineyard which had a Taylor heat treatment machine and a small competitor’s machine. We quickly learned the advantages of doing business with Taylor Freezer of New England.
    Menemsha Galley
    Martha's Vineyard, MA
  •  Bubbling Brook
    We purchased an established ice cream business in 2003. The next year upgraded one of our three Taylor machines, then upgraded our Flavorburst and a few years ago, added the Razzle, aka a Brook Blast! Customers have bragged about our soft serve. Many customers are even addicted!
    Bubbling Brook
    Westwood, MA
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
    We are just concluding our 22nd season in business. Back in 1982 we started as a purely homemade ice cream store on Cape Cod. However, ten years ago we noticed the increased popularity of soft serve ice cream and so in order to maintain our competitive edge we contacted Taylor Freezer of New England
    Ice Cream Sandwich
    Sandwich, MA
  • Frosty Freeze
    Our new Taylor Model 8756 soft serve machine and Flavor Burst unit have many pros; the product is very consistent, with a better texture than our Coldelite. The Flavor Burst has definitely improved soft serve sales and the point of sale merchandise is really great too. Since adding the Flavor Burst, we find we’re selling more.
    Frosty Freeze
    Middletown, RI
  •  Sugarloaf Frostie
    We have used a Taylor Ice Cream machine since we opened in 1968. The quality of the product it produces is unbelievable. Customers claim best in the valley. Sales department is always knowledgeable with the products they represent and is very helpful with the purchase to make everyone happy.
    Sugarloaf Frostie
    Sunderland, MA
  • JP Licks
    It has been a personal and professional pleasure doing business with the Herbert family for the past 30 years. They have provided us with the best freezers and most competent service imaginable. When the occasional and inevitable problem has arisen they’ve proven themselves to be a more than a fair and responsible partner.
    JP Licks
    Jamaica Plain, MA
  • Four Seas Ice Cream
    Since 1934, Four Seas has provided Cape Cod with the finest ice cream available, mixing a passion for local ingredients with a dedication to the best-quality creations. For the last 55 years the Warren family has run Four Seas the same way, with an eye for quality, exceptional service and products that keep customers coming back.
    Four Seas Ice Cream
    Centerville, MA
  • Country Delight
    Thank you for another quality built Taylor soft serve machine! This is the second big machine I have bought new. I really appreciate the support from Taylor Freezer of New England. The people in your company make you who you are.
    Country Delight
    Avon, ME

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We are the exclusive Taylor, Flavor Burst, Bravo and Broaster Distributor and Lolsberg importer in the states of:

  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont


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