Taylor New England is the proud importer of Lolsberg Spray-Rinse devices. Lolsberg devices are the green alternative from your typical dipperwell. Made in Germany from the finest materials, Lolsberg Spray-Rinse showers are designed to withstand the bumps & bruises that come along with any food service operation while keeping your water usage to an absolute minimum.

The combination of our spray-rinsers' sleek yet sturdy design, their long-lasting build, and their remarkable water-saving capabilities make them the clear choice for food service operators everywhere.

Think Green, Save Water!

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i.ScoopShower – Simultaneously spray-rinse your scoops and spoons from the top & bottom for maximum cleaning efficiency.
i.SpatulaShower – Keep your scoops, stirrers, spades, and spatulas clean with our top-of-the-line spray-rinser.
Think Green - Save Water with Lolsberg
Did you know that the average dipper well wastes about 15 gallons an hour with continuous flow? Use water only when you need it with our on-demand Lolsberg Spray-Rinse devices and cut your water bill in half (or more!)


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